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About Kairos

Allison Harris NCTMB,LMT,CD, has over 20 years experience in the women’s, family, and holistic health care fields. She has worked in the areas of maternal child health, birth and family support services, education, health care education, therapeutic massage, holistic health care, expressive arts, perinatal grief and loss, and also teaches mindfulness meditation.  Allison has created and directed multiple hospital based and private birth,health,therapeutic massage, expressive arts, and related programs, as well as currently doing costume and custom millinery design,when she is not supporting birth doula clients.

Birth Philosophy

Our birth doula philosophy:
The birth of a baby is a sacred and miraculous event, filled with mystery, challenges, beauty, power, love, and great joy, affecting women both physically and emotionally. It is a time when a woman must be active, doing the work of bringing down the baby, while simultaneously having a mind that is still, letting go into the process. A laboring woman must journey from control to surrender, from doing to being, embracing a state of non-doing, non-striving, a mindful awareness, going with the natural order, or natural ebb and flow with great ease, in response to whatever may arise.

Mission Statement

Kairos Holistic Healing Arts Birth Support Doulas are committed to serving expectant families in Maryland (Montgomery county, Baltimore city and county, Towson, and surrounding areas), and Washington D.C., as loving, one-on-one  companions, joining with and supporting expectant mothers and fathers, in an atmosphere of openness, communication,
mutual respect, and mindful, present moment awareness, as we point the way beyond
unknowns, doubt, and fears, toward a gentle, peaceful birth, and joyous welcome for your precious  new baby.


Pregnancy Reading List

Educating yourself about pregnancy and birth is important. These are some of my favorite pregnancy, birth, and parenting books. In addition to the books themselves, some of the authors also have Facebook pages and websites with helpful information. I recommend purchasing these books used from, which is a great resource for gently used books. For your convenience, I have linked each book to its listing on Amazon.

"Throughout our pregnancy and birth experience, Allison was a coach, a cheerleader, and a friend. "

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