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Kairos Doulas Services

Birth doula services for expectant couples working with Kairos Doulas will include:

  • Access to website containing helpful information and blog posts.
  • Facebook page with birth and parenting related articles, research, and information, which Allison gathers and updates often.
  • Pinterest page with birth, parenting, pregnancy, and related information.
  • Resource list of local birth related professionals and helpful services.
  • An initial get acquainted visit with your doula. A second longer prebirth conference appointment where we will go over an extensive client history, so your doula can learn about you, the needs and desires of both you and your partner, your preferred coping skills, learning styles, means and manner of dealing with day to day stress and challenges; medical,birth and pregnancy history,and other items and issues related to your upcoming birth.
  • An educational session to equip you to understand all your options and alternatives surrounding your upcoming birth, and help to make out a personally tailored birth preference outline. Discussion of comfort measures, coping skills, and pain management techniques,and the creation of a proposal for how we might work together, and what we need to do in the months leading up to your birth, in order to achieve the birth you dream of and desire.
  • Your doula will be available by phone, throughout the entirety of your contract, if you should have questions or need to talk anytime prior to labor and birth. From 35 weeks on, we like to have phone contact at least once weekly, (but you are welcome to call more often if you need to). Starting at 36 weeks, most OB’s will do an internal exam at your weekly appointment. We like to talk after your appointments so that we can help explain what happened at your appointment, to discuss your cervical progress and help with some idea of approximately when you might go into labor,to discuss any helpful exercises, and safe,natural induction methods, to be available to explain and answer questions about everything that comes up at the end, such as, “what is Group B strep”, “what is a biophysical profile”, “my doctor is talking about induction, can you help answer some of my questions?”. We also like to be available to help keep you focused on the positive and joyful aspects of your birth as your due date approaches, so that you won’t begin to feel lost and mired in anxiety and fears. Reminders of the beautiful refridgerator art in your future, the noodle necklaces you will be proudly wearing to work, little league games,tree forts, dress up boxes, and tea parties, which can go a long way to help steer you toward the joy and miracle of the birth of your precious baby, and allow you to leave unnecessary fears far behind. Your doula may also check in with you here and there throughout your pregnancy as well, by phone and email,and share things she may think will be beneficial to your positive preparation for birth.
  • Your doula is happy to answer emails and text messages also, though she prefers that your main source of communication be by phone in real time, ( at least from 35 weeks on), as it is more personal and helps to create a friendship and level of comfort with your doula prior to your labor.  Your doula will send emails of information, articles, research etc. which she may find that might interest you as well.
  • If at any time you may feel your labor has begun, or you are unsure if you may be feeling contractions or think your membranes may have ruptured, your doula is available by phone to help you figure it out, and make a plan for what to do from there.
  • Your doula will help you to make out a plan for early labor during your pregnancy, and will be available to remind you of early labor support techniques and comfort measures,ways of caring for yourself in early labor, reminders about traffic patterns to consider, things you will need to bring to the hospital, when to call the doctor and consider leaving for the hospital, ideas to help your partner to best support you in early labor, and to be a joyful cheerleader who is excited about the miracle unfolding, and who believes in your strength, skills, and ability to birth gently in peace, confidence, and great joy.
  • During labor your doula will work in cooperation with your medical caregivers as part of your maternity care team. She will provide physical, emotional, and education support, such as various comfort measures, relaxation and support techniques, the use of various labor tools, suggestions for labor positions to help keep you comfortable, your pain managed, and your labor progressing. Your doula will work as a team with your husband, helping him to participate in the birth of your child in the manner he finds most comfortable. She will help explain all your good progress, what stages you have passed through and what you have to expect, help to ask questions of and initiate discussions with your obstetrician/midwife in efforts to help gather information so you can make fully informed decisions regarding your healthcare. After your birth your doula is there to help with immediate postpartum needs and support, and to assist with the initiation of  breastfeeding if you desire. And of course, she will provide many hugs and happy tears as well.
    • On call availability starting two weeks before and two weeks after your estimated due date. We realize that babies can come early or late, the two weeks time frame is kinda like “the pirate code” in Pirates of the Caribbean, more like “guidelines”, saavy?
    • One-on-one continuous care and support during the entirety of your labor. We have attended births for only a couple hours, and others for as much as 60 hours, we don’t know in advance how long a labor may be.
    • Your doula will remain with you after your birth for approximately one to two hours to be sure your immediate postpartum needs have been met, and that you have had time to breastfeed. Again, “guidelines” depending on how mother and baby are doing after birth.
    • Your doula will make a series of calls after your birth to see how you are doing, and if you need any advice on, or assistance with breastfeeding. She can be available to visit as well,as her schedule permits, if you do need help. ( Of course this means she gets to hold, cuddle, love, and kiss your precious babe as well!)
    • Additional classes can be added to your contract for an additional fee:
      * Comfort Measures and pain management class
      *Mindfulness meditation for pregnancy and birth
      *Mindfulness meditation and Expressive arts for pregnancy and birth

    • In 2014 Kairos Doulas will be offering Mindful Birth and Beyond childbirth education playshops. There is an additional fee for these.