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I approached my pregnancy with an open mind, willing to give almost anything a shot.  So, when I told family and friends that I was hoping to have a natural childbirth, I consistently received the same advice: hire a doula.  My husband was also open-minded to the idea and our OB recommended Allison, saying she was a “delight to work with.”  I cannot emphasize enough just how true that was.  Childbirth and the human body don’t always cooperate, and our birth plan ended up being very different than how we had imagined it.  We had hoped to have as natural a childbirth as possible, but when our baby decided to come, our plans had to be modified, if not thrown out the window.  Throughout labor and delivery, Allison was a steadfast, positive, and helpful presence in the room, proving to be an advocate and advisor to us.  She had encouraged me to practice mindfulness mediation during my pregnancy, and helped me remember those practices when things got hard, both emotionally and physically.  She helped keep me focused and grounded, providing endless support for me, my husband, and our baby.  Her wealth of knowledge was incredibly helpful as labor progressed, allowing my husband and I to make informed decisions and ask the right questions.  Allison was an extra pair of eyes, ears, and hands in the labor and delivery room.  She made suggestions to my husband on how he could be helpful and an active participant in our baby’s birth.  Having Allison there was incredible, and as first time parents, we really didn’t know what to expect but she was a calming presence and helpful resource.  It was an absolute pleasure working with her and I wholeheartedly recommend her! Catherine, Will, and David



Allison is a highly skilled and expert doula! I had a very long and difficult labor, and Allison helped me the whole way. She met us in triage, where the nursing staff told me I could either get a non-bathtub room right away, or wait an hour or two to get a bathtub room. I was ready to take the non bathtub room (just to get out of triage!) and Allison helped remind me that I had really wanted a bathtub and that a little patience now would yield major rewards later. This help ended up being crucial, I labored for several hours in the bathtub and was so happy to have it! Allison is highly skilled at massage, which I also used a lot. Even better, she taught my husband some massage techniques, so he could be more involved. I ended up stalled out for several hours, and needed interventions to keep progressing, which made the pain go off the charts and I ended up demanding an epidural. Allison was completely non-judgemental, and supported me in my choice even though it wasn’t in the original plan. In the end, almost 2 full days after I went into labor, we had a big, healthy baby boy! I am not sure I would have had the stamina to get through a very long labor without Allison’s support.   L. M. ( name withheld by request)


Allison is a huge positive force and provided terrific support to me and my husband during the birth of our son. I will forever be grateful for her positive energy and support. Always a phone call away and always full of creative ideas for mindfulness techniques Allison is a great addition to any birth team. (Name withheld by request)

My husband and I feel grateful and blessed to have shared our son’s birth with Allison. In the long weeks leading up to his birth (he was a week late), her support was invaluable. She helped us through three practice labors, gave us planning materials, checked in regularly, and was supportive in any way she could be. On the big day, she talked us through our pre labor and met us at the hospital. I had been unsure what it would look like with both Allison and my husband there to support me. It ended up feeling like a perfectly synchronized dance that was just right in every way. It was clear throughout our labor and delivery not only how much experience Allison has, but also her talent for quickly and swiftly giving parents just what they need. At each step of the labor, she anticipated my needs for pain relief and comfort techniques, included my husband in doing them, and then stepped out of the way, if appropriate, and let us labor together. She offered words of encouragement, tears of joy, and silence at just the right moments. She helped me feel strong, beautiful, and capable. She navigated the hospital staff and midwives with grace and professionalism. When we had a medical scare, she was calm and knew what to do. The day I gave birth to our son was the most intense and special day of my life. My husband and I cherish Allison and the role she played that day.

–Alicia, Prabath, and Baby Nalin

We can’t recommend Allison and Kairos Doulas enough! We wanted a doula who would be a partner and coach, but not someone who would cause friction in the delivery room. Allison came highly recommended by our OB. From our first conversation, she added only positive energy to the birth experience.

We first met with Allison in person to be sure that our styles were compatible and to have a birth planning session. From then onward, we talked and emailed regularly. Allison helped us to start thinking about what we wanted out of a birth — natural, to the extent possible. She helped kick our preparation into high gear. As the due date drew near, we spoke with Allison every week.

We had a long (2+ days) early labor — and it was wonderful to have a trusted, experienced advisor to guide us. (We had great doctors, but they reasonably don’t get involved quite that early.). Allison checked in frequently for status updates and to answer questions. She helped us decide when to call the doctor and go to the hospital.

When it turned out that our OB was away for the weekend of our birth, it was especially reassuring to have a familiar face in the room. In the labor and delivery suite, Allison continued to bring her positive energy to the process, suggesting multiple ways to get through contractions. The approach that worked best for me (singing in the shower) is something I’d never have imagined trying without Allison. She is also a skilled massage therapist — which was especially fantastic at this point. And she was completely nonjudgmental about suggesting options for pain management along the way.

After the birth of our daughter, Allison continued to check in with resources and advice. We really can’t recommend her highly enough, and would be happy to talk to anyone who would like to know more. Perhaps the best indication of Allison’s ability to work well with everyone — including the hospital staff — came from our nurse. She turned to Allison at the end and said, “Maybe you’ll be my doula one day.”
Rebecca Widiss and Raj Nayak

When my wife first brought up the idea of having a doula with us for the birth of our child, I was against it.  I thought it would take away from the moment.  After having Allison with us, I can’t imagine not having her there.  Although initially reluctant, I read online about doulas and found that there are a number of benefits.  Other dads were also saying that it was great to have a knowledgeable person there to help.  I’m the Captain of a ship and used to having a lot of responsibility, but I didn’t feel comfortable playing a specific role in the delivery room, where if I didn’t perform, I could make it much harder on my wife.  Allison was recommended through my wife’s OB office.  From our first meeting with her, we really hit it off.  I was worried about her being too crunchy or super spiritual, but that wasn’t the case.  She has a really great sense of humor.  As the due date grew closer, Allison spoke with my wife regularly, which really helped.  When we went to the hospital, Allison was there moments after our arrival.  With her skills, she was able to reduce the amount of pain my wife felt as the labor process grew more intense.  Her knowledge was invaluable in helping us make decisions about what to do and what not to do to keep the labor process moving along.  You have no idea how intimidating all of it is, until it is just you and your wife in there being bombarded with questions by doctors and nurses.  When it was all said and done, we had a beautiful baby girl that was brought safely into this world with a lot of help from Allison.  We will definitely use her again for our next.

–Glen and Dana Merkel

It was our first pregnancy and we weren’t sure at first if we wanted/needed a doula. Having worked with Allison, I can’t imagine the pregnancy without her! We clicked from the beginning. Allison was so warm and personable and positive when meeting my wife and me! We are a same sex couple, and wanted to be sure we worked with someone who would be supportive of our family. Allison was and has continued to be!  Throughout our pregnancy and birth experience, Allison was a coach, a cheerleader, and a friend.  During the pregnancy, Allison was a great resource, providing us with copious amounts of resources via email to help us answer any question we might have. And of course she was a font of knowledge herself, in addition to providing a supportive voice. She was wonderful in helping us navigate what ended up being a false alarm at 37 weeks.  As we approached (and passed) our due date and became increasingly impatient, Allison again provided the support and advice we needed to alleviate our concerns and for me to take care of myself.  When it came time for the actual labor and delivery, Allison had extensive knowledge that we were blessed to have her share with us, but she also had great relationships with the L&D nurses at Sibley Hospital where we delivered our baby. Her relationships made it easy for us to quickly connect with the nursing staff, making our labor and delivery experience that much better. We really all were a wonderful team.  My labor ended up being quite long but she was there every moment helping me find new positions, using counter pressure and encouragement to help me each step of the way. Perhaps as important, she empowered my wife to do these things for me as well and gave her the space to be my primary birthing partner which was an amazing bonding experience for us. Also when circumstances made it difficult for me not to continue my labor unmedicated, Allison was wonderfully supportive while I made the difficult decision to have an epidural. It was the best decision I could have made as it gave me just the extra support I needed to have the most amazing delivery I could have imagined – I got to deliver our baby girl into my own hands (an amazing gift from our delivering OB).  Allison will always hold a special place in our hearts for helping us navigate our amazing birth experience. We hope to have a second child in a couple of years and fully intend to call Allison when that time comes.

Nicole and Stacy

As news of my pregnancy spread, many friends recommended hiring a doula regardless of whether we were going to try for natural birth. I initially had two concerns. First, that a doula would create conflict in a hospital setting. Second, that our doula would try to impose her beliefs regarding what the ideal birth is. Neither of these concerns were an issue with Allison. She was so helpful throughout my pregnancy and labor. I honestly can’t imagine going through it without her. Allison was highly recommended by my OB office. In fact, many doctors, at my office and others, had written on her behalf. She knew every doctor at my OB’s office, their personalities and bedside manner. She was also very knowledgeable about my hospital, its assets and routines, and knew many of the maternity ward nurses.From our first meeting with Allison, my husband and I felt completely comfortable with her and confident that her mission would be to support us in achieving the best birth experience for us. She was incredibly knowledgeable about all birthing options, natural and medicated, and could objectively assist us in making decisions. At no time did I ever feel she would judge me or be unsupportive of my decisions. I spoke to Allison frequently in the later part of my pregnancy and felt that she always welcomed my calls, no matter how frequent. It was comforting having someone to discuss my concerns about labor with and she was able to help me rationalize my anxiety and fears. When we went to the hospital, Allison met us there. As doctors and nurses came in, gave quick bits of information, and promptly left, Allison filled in the gaps and ensured we never felt lost. She gave constant encouragement and helped manage my pain through a variety of techniques. At no point did my husband or I ever feel that Allison was taking over the process or overly inserting herself into our experience. In fact, it seems she was always there assisting and making the labor process more efficient and less painful, but simultaneously, she faded into the background so it felt as if it was just me and my husband. Her ability to provide constant, meaningful support while making us feel strong and confident made labor a special and surprisingly enjoyable (even if painful) experience for both my husband and me. We definitely plan to hire Allison again for the birth of our next child. Dana Merkel
“As like most women with particular likes/dislikes and definite opinions, it was a challenge to find other people who would respect and comply with my needs and wishes regarding the most important event in our family, the arrival of our firstborn son. Upon a Doctor’s recommendation to contact Allison Harris, I was immediately delighted even after our first initial phone call, for we had a connection without even having to see each other in person. Upon our first interview, we were impressed even further because of her professional and courteous manner. She was so helpful, and more than happy to comply with all of our wishes/concerns, but also had such a glowing warmth about her that you couldn’t help but to feel comfortable and at ease. Initially my husband had reservations regarding doulas, and felt that he would end up replaced in the delivery room, but during our interview and conversations later, he was very grateful for the fact that she was to be a part of such an important day. Of course that was only the beginning of our relationship, for as the next few months progressed and D-Day arrived, she had become a friend and confidant. She worked SO hard with Tom & I during the different stages of my labor, implementing multiple relieving techniques, and helped us to make decisions with the Doctor/hospital staff when things weren’t going exactly as we anticipated (and they never do), so that finally after 20 hours of labor, our little “Fino” was born. But that wasn’t the last I heard of Allison, she was also there to help boost my confidence as a new (and inexperienced) mother several weeks after delivery. But I can also say that we still keep in touch, because as I said before, I not only gained a doula, but also a loving friend.” -


We can’t say enough good things about our experience with Allison. We were able to call her with questions and concerns leading up to labor, and when the big day came, she was a reassuring presence from early labor onward. We especially appreciated her tactfulness and non-judgmental demeanor, no doubt borne of years of experience. We knew we wanted an epidural and planned not to breastfeed exclusively. Though she is a breastfeeding proponent, from the start she was not judgmental about our choices but sought to support them. During labor, she was able to call on hundreds of births she had witnessed when there were questions about procedures, or when the doctor or nurses recommended induction measures that might not have been necessary yet. She was knowledgeable and kind. Her past experience also put her on a first-name basis with many of the nurses and doctors at Sibley, which meant they had an easy rapport throughout the birth process. We will always think of her when we think of our birth experience, and we both thank our lucky stars to have had her there for the birth of our son. -

“I wanted to take a moment to formally thank you for your support at the end of my pregnancy. By the time I called you to discuss doula services, I was at the end of my rope. I was exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed. Although I was a total stranger to you, you asked questions, eased my fears, assured me that things would work out alright, and told me you understood. You will never know how great the weight was that you lifted from my shoulders. As I told you on the phone, I think that is ultimately what allowed me to relax , and set my labor in motion. I’m not a hugely religious person, but I am positive that God had a plan for me and our pregnancy. There were a handful of people, including you, that were key in helping us get through. I will never forget your kindness. I hope that I can help someone else the way you helped me one day, and I hope to meet a lot more people like you as we establish our new home in this area. Thanks so much Allison, you are so special!” -


“I wanted to thank you for all your support during the birth of my precious daughter Jenna Rose. I know you had a lot to do with setting up our care, and how well supported we felt, and even though you had not met me before, you put your whole heart into serving and caring for me. My entire family was touched with what you did for us, and I know I could not have done what I had to do without you. Throughout my pregnancy, my beautiful daughter grew safe inside my belly, until the day I knew I had to let go of her. It was very hard for me, and for most of the day it was one of the worst days of my life. I tried to be brave and you did your best to help me with massage and different things you did for me, bringing me drinks and etc, talking and comforting me, staying by my side the whole time. Noone else really knew what to do or what to say, but somehow you pulled everything together and helped everyone feel ok and get through it all. I guess you did not realize until the day of my labor that I had known throughout my whole pregnancy that my little girl might not live, and at one point I found myself crying and feeling guilty. Was it selfish of me to continue my pregnancy even though I knew my Jenna Rose may only live for a few minutes, or a few hours, or days? I wanted so much to be a mother, and to hold my daughter, even if only for a short time. When I began to cry and doubt, you kneeled down beside me and put your arms around me and cried with me, and told me you thought I was one of the bravest and most loving mothers you had ever met. You said that you thought it was incredible to you that I would risk so much heart ache , and put my own feelings and needs aside, to do what I felt God had told me to do, to give life to my child, for whatever amount of time He deemed she would have on this earth. You reminded me of God’s promises not to leave me or forsake me and quoted scripture to comfort me and prayed with me. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. Like I said before, my labor was very hard to go through, one of the worst days of my life maybe, but then my beautiful Jenna Rose was born and I held her in my arms, and all at once it was the most glorious day I have ever lived through. To hold my sweet baby was the greatest joy I have ever known. Sadly, she only lived for a few short minutes, but I would do it all again just to be able to hold her and tell her I love her. I have the ornament you gave to me hanging in my kitchen window, and it reminds me of the great love you showed to me and to my husband and my family, and of my sweet Jenna Rose, every time the sun shines through it. I just wanted to tell you that I will never forget you and I hope that God blesses you and blesses you for the way you so unselfishly give of yourself in His service to moms who need you. You will remain in my heart forever.” -


“When my husband and I found out I was pregnant with our first daughter it was an absolute joy. I just knew I wanted to have a natural childbirth and needed a doula by my side to help me accomplish that goal. I called several doula’s, but just didn’t connect with any of them. Then I called Allison and knew without even meeting her that she was a perfect match for me! She was so kind and supportive throughout my pregnancy. The day my water broke at 4:49 am, I immediately called Allison and was met with a cheery voice telling me she would meet me at the hospital. Allison arrived at the hospital just minutes after my husband and I. During my entire labor, Allison never left the room. She walked the halls with me, massaged my back, and did this incredible thing with my hips that alleviated so much of the pain during a contraction! She had wonderful advice during the labor process and had so many ideas of different things to try to get me through each contraction. She was an incredible liason between the hospital staff and me. If I needed anything she was the one who talked to the nurse and doctor, so my husband and I could just focus on the birth. She instantly formed a bond with my mom and sisters who were also in the delivery room with me. My husband was extremely nervous and scared for me and had a difficult time seeing me in so much pain. Allison helped coach him through that as well. She was so many things to so many different people the day of the birth, yet I always felt like all of her attention was focused on me. I ended up needing pitocin and really didn’t think I was going to be able to achieve the natural childbirth I so desired. However, because of Allison I did it! I delivered my beautiful daughter at 6:46 pm without any pain medication! Allison also attended the birth of my second child and again was a powerful force in helping me to deliver naturally. I had a very difficult pregnancy the second time around and my family and I were all very scared for the health of the baby. Allison was a calming force for all of us. Now, we are having our 3rd baby and eagerly anticipate Allison’s presence in the delivery room. She is so much more than a doula, she is part of our family. My husband told me that he would not want to have another baby if Allison could not be there! This comment amazed me because he did not think a doula was necessary when I brought the idea up after finding out I was pregnant the first time, he really came full circle after meeting Allison for the first time! I would recommend Allison to anyone who has specific ideas of how her birth should go. Whether you want to have a natural childbirth or have pain medication, Allison is a wonderful support for everyone involved in the delivery.” -

Cheryl Wilkie

“I can’t say enough good things about my doula and friend Allison Harris. For anyone who will read this, trying to decide whether to choose Allison or not, believe me when I tell you that I am very hard on people. I hold people to high standards & expectations because that’s how I was treated by my parents. Anyway, I can say without a doubt that Allison is the absolute best doula that a person could have. My wife, Genice, and I can’t express how grateful we were with Allison’s professionalism, care, and concern during Genice’s labor, delivery, and birth of our daughter, Genna. We have nothing but HIGH praises to say about Allison and if you want to talk with me directly if you think I’m kidding, my email address is and my cell phone # is 240-398-9013. Believe me, selecting Allison to assist you with your child birth will be one of the best decisions that you could make and she will give you 110% to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. I know I couldn’t have made it through my wife’s delivery without Allison’s help, so do not hesitate in selecting Allison as your doula.” -

Martin Luther King Lee

“I can’t help but feel like I owe you so much for being here on this planet and in my life. Having you with me in the labor room was so wonderful, especially before the epidural!!! I just keep remembering looking into your beautiful eyes every time a contraction would come, it was awesome! You are so integral to our lives, you’ll never know!” -

Patricia Caplain, & precious daughter Emma Rose

“Thank you so much for helping God fulfill ALL our prayers. In a journal that I started for Megan I wrote down all our prayers for her labor and delivery. ALL of them were answered in abundance. Allison, you will always hold a special place in our hearts because of the beautiful support you gave to us. Please keep up the good work and we pray that God blesses you abundantly now and forever.” -

The Myers

“I wanted to write and send to you a picture of our beautiful child that you helped to bring into the world. I don’t know how you can possibly remember all the people you help, but I know one thing, I will never forget you and how wonderful you were during my labor. You were a mom, sister, a best friend, and a doula, all rolled into one, and I really don’t know how I would have gotten through it without you. The value of what you do is immeasurable to the people you help. Little Hannah is the most miraculous gift from God and we are more amazed by her everyday. I hope all is great with you and your doula program is helping lots of people. I just wanted you to know that I and my entire family are all so grateful to you and will always remember the huge part you played on the greatest day of our lives.” -

Karen, Mike and Hannah McCaffery

“What a wonderful day to spend with you. From the moment I first spoke to you on the phone, I knew that I was in good hands. Your experience, medical knowledge and professionalism is what first made you stand out, even amongst “the best of doulas”. However, it is your kindness, warmth, and sincerity that sets you apart even amongst The “best of people”. Thank you for being a kind friend who has taken our sons birth as seriously as we do. You have helped bring us the miracles we’ve always wanted.” -

Keith and Amanda

“Thank you so much for the card you sent and for all your help during our birth. You are an angel sent to me by God and I pray that He rewards you a thousand fold. We are so grateful for what you did for us. You’ll always live in our hearts. Our son Justin is 10 months old now and a very active, adorable miracle. Oh, God visited us after the birth, and because of the beautiful experience you helped us to have during Justin’s birth, we have found each other again, our marriage is renewed. I praise the Lord. You were such a part of it all and I will forever be thankful to you and never forget you.” -(client name withheld)
“Thank you for your caring support during the birth of our son William. I felt so comforted and safe knowing that you were looking out for me. We are filled with love and joy everyday. William is a wonderful baby.” -

Anne Perry

“Thank you so much for helping us to bring Aidan into the world. Your support made it all possible. I could not have done it without you there by my side. Thank you so much for helping us to make such a happy memory.” -

Lisa and Steve Gately

“Choosing a doula is not an easy decision. If it weren’t for a college roommate I might not have even known what one was. But I turned to this girlfriend , a maternal “Yoda”, if you will, to instruct me on what I needed. The best advice she ever gave me was, “ go find yourself a good doula for the day of your birth, it will be essential.” Rachel was right on lots of occasions in life. We shared advice on everything from boyfriends to graduate classes to wedding flowers, but THIS turned out to be the BEST advice she ever gave me.

As a teacher, I believe in practicing what I preach to my students and “ doing my homework” when I research a new subject. When I began to work on finding a doula, I quickly realized that there were a lot of choices out there. Doulas are all trained to assist in birth and serve the mother, but they are as different as mothers and babies are. There existed a lot of philosophies, some similar, and it took effort to find just the right one that fit with my personality, my partner’s wishes and the OB I trusted. Let me tell you why I chose Allison Harris.

I spoke with a lot of good doulas on the phone but there was something that resonated in me after speaking with Allison. First off, it was immediately clear that she had a good deal more professional medical “know how” and experience than most doulas. I considered this essential as neither my husband or myself had any medical training, and we worried about how often the nurses and doctor would actually be in the room. This turned out to be the best reason that I hired Allison because on the day of the actual birth, the nurses frequented the room only a few minutes about once an hour. It was so helpful to have someone that understood all the procedures and equipment from a medical vantage point that noone else in our family had. Second, some of the doulas that I met with were wonderful people but, wonderful people that had only performed at a few dozen births. Allison served women day in and day out after her experiences at Holy Cross Hospital ( where she was doula program coordinator and in charge of the perinatal grief and loss program) and has been present for literally hundreds of births. A lot of women that I spoke with used a back up doula almost weekly and that made me insecure at a time when I was looking for concrete answers about labor.

The last and most important reason that I hired Allison was because of her beauty. Yes, she happens to be a stunning woman , but that is not the kind of beauty that I am referring to. I am speaking about the kind of person that just glows when others are around her because she is a truly good and decent human being. Allison wants only the best for the mothers, families and babies she takes care of, and it shows in all of her suggestions, feelings and attitudes towards her work. She is not just a doula, she is a caregiver, mother, friend, companion, shoulder to cry on, nurse, psychiatrist, massage therapist, all wrapped up into one spunky individual. This is a woman who loves what she does, and it shows constantly when you are around her. I felt like I , my family and my soon to be born son, were in such good hands before and on the day of the birth, and this reassurance was priceless. I love my family and husband ,and they were all a part of the actual birth, but Allison added a dimension that otherwise would have been sorely missed. This was the beauty that I spoke about above, and it only added to the birth for myself and my husband. I only remember Allison leaving my side for a few quick minutes when my husband insisted that she eat and take a break. She quickly nibbled a peanut butter sandwich in the corner of the room, never making me feel for an instant like she was not fully accessible. She was present for the birth from start to finish , and consistently displayed a professional, yet caring attitude with the hospital medical staff. In fact, my OB was so impressed with Allison , that he claims, she is “ the best doula that he has ever seen”.

Looking back on this day, I can’t imagine Allison not being a part of Ben’s birth. Once you get to know her, you won’t imagine your birth any other way either. It is with the highest of intentions that I fully recommend this amazing woman to share with you on the most special day of your life.”

Best wishes for a successful birth,

Amanda Rosenbloom, mom to Ben

“Brenda was great!!! If and when we have another baby, we want to use Brenda as our doula again. She was so kind and supportive to all of us. My husband couldn’t have done it without her, we both needed her. Brenda supported us physically and emotionally from the instant she arrived. My husband and I felt very relieved. Our birth experience would have been a disaster without her. Brenda is awesome. She made our experience very special and the best it could possibly be. We love her!!!” -

Kim, Jeff and baby Isabel Neil

“Our postpartum doula, Rochelle, was wonderful! She was very supportive about the postpartum depression I experienced. The transition into motherhood without her would have been difficult. My husband and I were both insecure about our parenting skills at first, so it was such a relief to have Rochelle come in every day to discuss concerns we had, and to know that we had her help so we were not making any mistakes. Rochelle was very kind and warm hearted and so willing to help with whatever we needed.” -

Vivian Leibenson

“Our experience with Allison Harris as our doula was wonderful. It made all the difference for us in overcoming our fears and panic about the labor process with the birth of our second child. When we had our first child (without the presence of a doula), we were sometimes alone (as it was a busy day in the LDR) during the labor and felt powerless about how to cope with the uncertainty of what was happening and what was to come. When we learned we were pregnant for the second time, we knew we wanted a steady and surefire presence with us in the labor and delivery room who could walk us through the stages of labor and provide warm reassurance along the way. Having Allison there to explain what was happening, to coach us through our fears and pain, to pray with us, and to work so well with our team of doctors and nurses kept the mood in the room for everyone light and even jubilant, and made this an unforgettably happy birthing experience for us. Allison was extremely cooperative with and helpful to everyone, and we all appreciated her presence more than she could ever know. Based on our terrific experience with Allison, we wouldn’t plan (or recommend) another birth experience without her!” -

Sherian and Arthur Roggeband

“I wanted to send you a note of thanks to tell you how much it meant to Jason and I to have your love and support at Amelia’s birth. I was so scared when I first called you to ask about doula services. I told you about my first cesarean birth experience and how afraid I was to face the birth of my second baby alone. You listened to everything I had to say, and answered all my questions. You took time to do everything you could to comfort and reassure me, and really made me feel you cared about me. By the time I hung up the phone, I felt like I had a new sense of courage and could breath freely, relax and begin to look forward to a joyful birth, and not just another frightening one. You will never know how incredible you made me feel that day. Later that evening when Jason got home , I broke down and cried when I told him how good you made me feel. I think Jason and I both knew right then, that we wanted to hire you as our doula. As the months went on, we continued to meet and talk, and you took so much time to teach us and to reassure us. You would call for no reason, to share a prayer, or a poem, or affirmations that you thought would help me, or to check on me after a doctors appointment. Our meetings to work on our birth plan, and practice relaxation and comfort measures, gave so much to strengthen both myself and Jason too. During the birth you never let me give in to fear, or doubt myself, or to spend time worrying. You kept telling me all the good things you saw me doing ,and you had suggestions for me and Jason that were so helpful. Your jokes and laughter kept us going, and I never thought we would laugh so much at my birth, it was so great. When things went wrong, and our daughter had heart rate drops, you knew exactly what to do and worked so fast with the nurses to care for us. I felt so safe and in such good hands with you there. I don’t know how to thank you enough. You will forever hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget you. You made all my dreams for my birth come true and more. I feel like I have healed from the pain of my first birth, because of what you did for us in Amelia’s birth. I truly love you and I will tell everyone who ever needs a doula, that they could never hire anyone better than you. With all my love and deep gratitude” -

Samantha and Jason Tellerman

If someone asked me who I would like to have by my side during labor, I would not hesitate for a second. Please bring Allison Harris! She is the most knowledgeable, caring, compassionate person one could find. Her support during birth was priceless. The moment she arrived at the hospital and saw me in labor, she greeted me with such warmth that I immediately knew I was in the right hands. She knew exactly when to place a hot compress on my forehead, when to give me a back rub, she taught me how to push and held my anxious body when it most needed it. She gave me peace and the encouragement that I needed to make birth the most amazing experience of my life. I am forever thankful, Allison couldn’t be closer to my heart. Carmenza Montague

Obstetrician/Midwife references:

“Allison is a skillful loving and nurturing doula which I and the other midwives of Midwifery Care Associates, LLC have had pleasure of working with for several years. Being with Midwifery Care Associates for 5 years we feel she is one of our most compassionate and knowledgeable doulas we have referred our patients to. She enhances our labor support as midwives and is a strong support conduit between the patient, midwife and nursing staff. She is intelligent and well thought of by the families she works with, nursing staff and midwives. We highly encourage our patients considering doula support to meet with Alison and utilize her services. She is full of compassion, love and support in her work. We cannot praise her enough! Our patients have greatly benefitted from her dedication, love and involvement to help promote a healthy, successful labor and birth experience. ”
Angel J. Miller, MSN, CNM, Midwifery Service Director, Midwifery Care Associates, LLC
11921 Rockville-Pike, Suite 400, Rockville, MD 20852 (301)414-2300

“The presence of a great doula such as Allison Harris in the labor and delivery room has greatly enhanced the obstetrical experience for all present. She is a true professional and has the unique ability of combining her medical prowess with extreme compassion. She has enabled a more effective interaction between patient and provider. She has an uncanny knack of relaxing patients and channeling their energies into a positive and productive direction. Allison is extremely upbeat and encouraging. In addition, the hospital staff has enjoyed her help and assistance. I know that when she is present, my job is a lot easier. Enlisted as a patient advocate, she has demonstrated the ability to serve as a provider advocate as well. Her facilitation of this sensitive encounter has been remarkable. As far as I am concerned, she is the role model that all doulas would do well to emulate.” -

Dr. Mark Reiter MD, head of obstetrics, Sibley Memorial Hospital

“Working with Allison has always been a pleasure. She and her associates bring to the delivery suite another dimension and level of personalized care. This particular Doula group stresses the team approach among the patient, physician and Doula attendant. We work as a trio in this most marvelous journey through labor. A balance between patient concerns and expectations, clinical facts and circumstances, and finally maternal and infant safety is achieved. The efforts of the Doula act as a conduit of information, helping the physician better understand the needs of the mother and helping the mom and dad better understand the clinical facts these goals in an unmatched style of sensitivity and mutual respect.” -

Charles F. Hill, Jr., M.D.Charles F. Hill, Jr., M.D.

“As an obstetrician, I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Allison Harris. She has acted as a doula for a number of the patients in our practice. I have found her to be very knowlegeable and cooperative in the hospital labor and delivery setting. Her patients have greatly benefitted from her dedication and involvement. In addition, she has facilitated the communication between the medical team and the patient/family when necessary, and promoted a positive physician-patient relationship. I, along with many other physicians in my practice, exclusively recommend Ms. Harris to patients seeking a doula for their labor and delivery experience.” -

Dr. Shiva Sedgie

Dr. Mark Reiter M.D., Head of Obstetrics, Sibley Memorial Hospital Dr. Charles Hill M.D. 1145 19th Streeet, Nw, Suite 410, Washington D.C., 20036, (202) 331-1740 5454 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1035, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815, 301-654-5700 405 M. Washington Street, Suite 101, Fallschurch, Virginia, 22046 (703) 533-9211

“Allison Harris has attended the birth of a number of my patients over the years. I have consistently found her to enhance the experience for all concerned. I am confident that our patients do not need a “go- between” in order to communicate well with me or, in general, the medical team. Ms Harris has instead helped to fill in the gaps in care-the hours at home before a couple arrives at the hospital, the times when a nurse and/or doctor are not continually at a woman’s side, and in the early days of recovery at home. I have always enjoyed her as an addition to the team and would highly recommend her to those couples that choose to employ a doula.” -

Janet Schaffel, MD | Women OB/GYN Physicians

Dr Janet Schaffel, and Dr. Nancy Sanders 1145 19th Street N.W., Suite 200, Washington D.C. 20036, (202) 887-0660

“I have been in private practice for nearly 15 years at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital. I have enjoyed working with Allison Harris and my patients have appreciated her warm personality and ample skills. She never alienates the healthcare providers from their patients, as sometimes a new “face” in the delivery room can. She is intelligent and well thought of by all. For couples desiring extra support during the labor process, she is the first name that comes to mind.” -

Ed Wolfgram, M.D.

Dr. Ed Wolfgram,M.D. Head of Obstetrics, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital 803 Russell Avenue, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20879, (301)330-5401 10215 Fernwood Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20817, (301) 530-2235

“Over the years that Alison was affiliated with Holy Cross Hospital, we had the pleasure of working with her and getting to know her. Alison is dedicated to enhancing patient and family experience and care. She is very sensitive to patient and physician needs. Alison is not only well trained and well educated, but she also adds great warmth and emotional support to the care she provides. We highly encourage anyone considering doula support to meet with Alison and utilize her services. Alison is a pleasure to work with as a physician and would be an asset to any woman’s pregnancy, delivery and post-partum experience.” -

Dr.Jessica Berger-Weiss

Dr. Jessica Bergerweiss M.D. Dr. Ken Travers M.D. 10801 Lockwood Drive, Suite 320, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901, (301) 681-3400 7500 Greenway Ctr. Dr., Greenbelt, Maryland 20770, (301) 681-3400

“I have worked with Allison for several years to help many moms have a wonderful birth experience. Allison is a skilled doula. She knows just what is needed, often before either the mom or myself realize it. She is helpful in guiding the patient through the stages of labor and is respectful of the physician- patient relationship. It is always a pleasure to work with her.” -

Dr. Claudia Taubman

Dr. Claudia Taubman, M.D. Dr. Stephen Maggid M.D. Dr. Craig Dickman M.D. 15215 Shady Grove Road, Suite 300, Rockville, Maryland20850, (301)424-3444