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Rolling the Stone

Posted by on Apr 7, 2015 in Blog Posts |

Rolling the Stone

When we struggle, resist, control, attach, hold on and seek to direct the course of our labor, allowing fear and anxiety to light our path ahead, we are only impeding the process, limiting, and hurting ourselves. We are like King Sisyphus, condemning ourselves to roll a massive stone uphill, yet in our resistance to embrace the natural order, our futile efforts only end in failure, the stone descends the hill, and once again we must force all our weight and strength, interminably trying in vain to reach and arrive at the mountain top destination of accomplishment, mastery, success, rest, and peace. This pointless, constant exerting of our will and demands against the grain, only serve to bring us to a place of unbearable suffering, a place of our own making, a place we can choose to let go of.

We can choose to inhabit instead, a place of larger possibility and potential, a place where a lightness of heart, spirit, kindness, compassion, love, and joy all meet. A place where simply this one present moment is enough, where there is no need to conjure a high hill before us, or a gigantic boulder to move against. Even in the midst of challenge or uncertainty, we can choose to embody and embrace only this present moment of awareness, this spacious quality of hereness, of nowness, and to simply breathe deeply, feeling the air filling our lungs with the energy of aliveness, of rebirth in each moment, of newness of each fresh, mindful moment, here and now. With the release of breath, we can stay fully with, and feel the sensations of release, reminding us to just let go, put aside all thoughts of rocks or steep hillsides, and just breathe.
Notice the breath coming in and going out, sensations of fullness, of release, the energy of aliveness, and its movement through our form. Notice the gatherings of each of our senses, sounds both near and far, the temperature on our skin, the weight of our body grounded in this moment, touch, sight, scent. In this awake, and mindful place, no stories or manufactured tales of struggle or fear can reach us. In this mindfully aware space, all suffering ceases. As we choose to rest in this present moment awareness, our ever chattering , ever directing, controlling story telling mind becomes still, quiet, and all we need to do to reach this space is to accept, acknowledge and welcome the aliveness, fullness, and peace of this one in breath, and the letting go and release of this one out breath.

In this way, even if there is a stone in the path before us, we know we can face it by remaining grounded in the blessed lightness of our breath. This breath, and now this one.
Breathing in we choose not to resist or fight the stone in the way.
Breathing out we choose to work with, acknowledge and let the stone be just as it is.
Breathing in we surrender to and welcome the stone/pain as our path.
Breathing out we let go, allow and embrace the stone, moment by moment.
In this present, awake, aware, mindful, spacious place of breathing in and breathing out we give up dreading and hating the path ahead for fear of the weight of the stone, and we turn instead to loving its deepening of our well, its polishing of our spirit, its enlarging of our heart, that in days ahead,
we might teach our precious child to let go of his/her stone and feel the fullness of his in breath, and the release of his out breath, illuminating and transforming his path ahead, from one of fear, to that of love.

At the end of Albert Camus’ “The Myth of Sisyphus”he writes:
“The struggle itself … is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sissyphus happy.”