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Some insurance companies will reimburse you for doula services, and I  recommend all my clients submit paperwork to request coverage of this valuable service.  You are welcome to call your insurance company to ask if doula services are covered, but you may not always get a definitive answer, as doula services are not a usual and customary expense that the person answering the phone can find easily on a list of codes.  It is a service that has to be finessed a bit to get coverage.  I have had many clients covered after they were told the service would not be covered, when they called.   It is a very simple process so you have nothing to lose by trying.  You will need your insurance claim form, a receipt from your doula listing the correct CPT and medical codes, and thier National Insurance Provider number, and a letter from your ob/cnm which says they feel the additional support of a doula will be beneficial to their patient.  I also recommend printing out the doula research studies listed here, and including them with your claim. Your doula can also supply you with sample letters for your doctor, if needed.
If insurance does not cover the cost of your doula, often a flex spending account will, as they  consider doula services as an acceptable health related expense.

(You may also wish to take advantage of other services that may be covered during your pregnancy such as breastfeeding supplies, a breast pump, childbirth classes, prenatal therapeutic massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, or nutrition services.  Some insurance companies, such as Blue Cross can assign you a nurse case manager whose job it is to apprise you of all pregnancy and birth related covered services, and then act as your advocate to help you receive coverage for them.)

The Evidence for Doulas

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